Museum display update

A museum in Odenton, Maryland, had an aging display about local area military personnel killed in action during 20th century conflicts, and the museum directors wanted to update the display.

Our project began with online research of genealogical databases, historical databases, newspaper archives and general searches. We concentrated our research first on establishing or validating the link between each person and Odenton. We then followed their movements in the military from available records, up to and including their final disposition.

We wrote about each person, summarizing what we had found in the research. We also wrote about the activities of their military units around the time of their deaths. From this, we produced a booklet, Odenton Area Military Killed in Action.

We then used our booklet as a basis for producing an updated display for the museum. Our display board showed a map of the world, a star for each casualty location, an accompanying short story column, a picture of the person if available, and a timeline showing the temporal relationship of the casualties. This display board is now part of the exhibit in the Odenton Heritage Society museum.