Internship recommendation

(If a student has asked you to recommend them to one of our internship opportunities, please take a couple of minutes to read this page.)

Keystone Research Solutions provides internship opportunities to Anne Arundel County Public Schools high school STEM and BMAH senior students through the AACPS Student Internships portal. You can read more about our involvement on our Internship programs in STEM and BMAH page.

Our interns work over the Internet from their own homes and on their own schedules, performing research assistance tasks for a wide variety of professional research teams around the world, and interacting with us and each other through our collaboration server. The learning curve can be steep. Specific tasks can become numbingly repetitive. The 135 hour internship can seem to last forever, with a sudden deadline date at the end.

This work environment requires initiative and endurance, willingness to follow specific instructions, and attention to exacting detail. Integrity is of utmost importance. Interns must exercise personal responsibility and time management.

To give us an evaluation response, please download the AACPS Professional Career Experience Student Recommendation Form. Complete and save the form electronically, and attach that document to an email to us (send to with subject "Intern Recommendation") from your professional email account. Your subject need not be one of the ones the form asks you to circle. You need not attempt to sign the form -- simply use your title block in your email. You may add comments, or not, as you see fit.

Recommendations from science teachers who have had extended direct interaction with the student will carry more weight. We will, however, consider all recommendations that state the nature of the relationship between evaluator and student.

Thank you very much for your time!