Analysis tool for American immigration law

An experienced American immigration attorney approached Keystone Research Solutions with a challenge: "I want to put my brain into a computer." After some 50,000 cases, the attorney thought he had a pretty reliable way to find answers to some of the thornier questions in immigration situations. Finding answers to the more common or the most egregious situations was not difficult, but there were dozens of jurisdictions, hundreds of exceptions, and thousands of other laws that could affect any one individual situation.

With the attorney being the subject matter expert, we worked together on a project to develop an American immigration analysis tool. We developed a computer model of the law, an online interview system that would build a situation scenario, and the analysis engine to compare the scenario with the model and write a report. The result served both attorneys and clients. Immigration attorneys could use the tool interactively during their first interviews with their new clients. Defense attorneys could use the tool as a quick check of potential immigration consequences for their clients. Clients could see potential consequences for their own situations, to help decide whether to seek an attorney.

For Keystone Research Solutions, this was an intellectually challenging project that yielded an useful first-of-its-kind tool.