Research collaboration

Keystone Research Solutions has our own collaboration server on the Internet. We manage many of our work projects through this server. Each project has its own private area where participants can write journal entries, draft team document content, obtain data, and share comments. Participants can work on their own individual schedules, knowing that project partners can see their work as soon as it's posted, and that new participants can catch up quickly by themselves. It's also a natural archiving system for the projects.

We can configure the server to the particular needs of projects. One project, for instance, prototyped its own complete website on the server. Another project developed its own database with active inputs and on-demand outputs.

Also, we can control the privileges of each participant separately for each project in which they take part. For instance, a participant who can edit content in one project may be allowed to only read content in another project; and that participant won't even see projects that don't apply to them.

Since we control the collaboration server ourselves, we can offer a distinctive service to our partners.